Wheel lift for a chicken tractor

When you want to raise the tractor to move it, you pull on the lever and the frame pops up, making the wheels lower. When the tractor is in place you push the lever the other way and the tractor can lay flat on the grass without gaps under the bottom.

Chicken tractor wheel lift

The original plans for a chicken tractor wheel lift weren't sturdy enough, but some extra bolts did the trick.

I love this butchering station, it's fantastic for poultry and rabbits. Wouldn't be too hard to come up with something similar for larger animals, either.

I love this butchering/fish cleaning station, it's fantastic for poultry, rabbits & fish. Wouldn't be too hard to come up with something similar for larger animals, either.

Wheel barrow tire attached to trailer jack. Idea for movable livestock housing

Wheel and run floor ideas for Coop/Tractor ? Just about the smartest idea i have seen for a chicken tractor.

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The Chicken Chick: Chicken tractor --- A chicken tractor is a portable enclosure used to move chickens around the yard. It is not a housing unit. It& essentially a mobile playpen for use during the day.

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Follow these steps to add wheels that can be raised and lowered on your chicken tractor/coop. Wheels give easy maneuverability to any chicken tractor/coop. With step by step photos of what you need and how to assemble and use. (See my other videos on how to build the chicken tractor itself.)

Raising chickens has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. If you take proper care of your chickens, you will have fresh eggs regularly. You need a chicken coop to raise chickens properly. Use these chicken coop essentials so that you can.