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Badger really went off the deep end when Jesse left town

pax-britannica: “ literallyimperialbrit: “ redpilldispenser: “ pax-britannica: “ literallyimperialbrit: “ “ Yikes ” It pains me that this looks like Britain. ” I can smell the interbreeding ” northerners…smh ” if a northerner wore clothes.


24+ Most Viral Photos Stolen Straight from Imgflip


Liars are the scariest people there are. But when I listen to a liar I always think what's the point. And it's very funny to watch a liar tells the lie and really believes it.

The truth comes out eventually, even harder for those who believe the lies from someone else. The cost is immeasurable

Terrorism is never about white people or muslims.. its about everyone.. it effects everyone.. its not an act of religion.. racism.. sexism but an act of violence on humanity

of people Isis has killed are Muslims, and ( some Westerner and Americans) have the audacity to make it all about themselves ** I agree with this statement but saying white people is a huge generalization.

Meow meow meow, there are unflattering pictures of you?! How about perhaps notbeing so fucking disgusting.

Meow meow meow, there are unflattering pictures of you? How about perhaps notbeing so fucking disgusting.

Why Millennials are annoyed by Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers

This is the world we live in (long, but worth the scroll down)

That trash bag look tho...

That trash bag look tho...

•*Teaching is a vocation not a profession. Way too many teachers out there for whom this is not a reality.  Learning is life, don't ransom it.

Everyone learns differently but schools are usually set up to teach one way. Teachers need to incorporate all learning methods for all different learners to have a chance.

The Lying Mayor

The Lying Mayor