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玉城ティナ  Tina Tamashiro

On this top photo I am a fan of tying the obi in a ribbon that hangs over the front. The trouble is.

thekimonogallery:  “Kimono Times”, October, 2012 edition

tsmskimonoyokubo: “ thekimonogallery: “ “Kimono Times”, October, 2012 edition ” Wooo i like that Serpent Scale pattern obi!


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Maiko in blue. the red color around the eyes and eyebrows is also youthful. As the women get older the red starts lessen and eventually be left out completely.

This picture is marked 'maiko, Kyoto Japan' but this lady's nagajuban is completely white, which would usually mark her as a Geisha rather than an apprentice Maiko.