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Javanese Shadow puppets

Javanese Shadow Puppet (Wayang kulit) is the traditional art of Indonesia, which is mainly developed in Java. Shadow puppets played by a.

Miniature folk doll hand painted display art by JessQuinnSmallArt

Mexicana inspired,miniature folk doll hand painted display art by JessQuinnSmallArt.

My Poppet

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FREDERIQUE MORREL has a mission to rescue the dying art of embroidery by giving it a contemporary twist. Deer, unicorn, foxes and bunnies shed their hides in exchange for a new skin of vintage tapestries to become esoteric and wonderfully original pieces.

ART: FREDERIQUE MORREL Frederique Morrel uses vibrant vintage tapestry to create whimsical conceptual art. Together with her husband, Aaron Levin, she produces upholstered animal (and the occasional.

Make this paper rustic bridal bouquet with a glue gun, paper and a cricut explorer. Step by step instructions to make your own rustic paper bouquet.

DIY Rustic Paper Bridal Bouquet

Make your own gorgeous penguin felt stuffie with this printable template and step-by-step tutorial from the Lia Griffith studio.

Gift Bag Wall Art: Have you ever noticed how gorgeous some of the Christmas gift bags are? They're like miniature pieces of art. Really, really cheap pieces of art. So why not cut them apart, pop them in a frame, and hang them on the wall? I used one bag from this set of two to finish off my mantle.

12 Days of Easy Christmas Decorating: Gift Bag Wall Art

12 Days of Easy Christmas Decorating: Gift Bag Wall Art - Laughing Abi