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I know the girl is meant to be Calypso, but whenever I look at it I always feel like it's Leo kissing Annabeth.

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He doesn't look happy that all she wanted was for him to toast the marshmallow.

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I don't ship it, but this is adorable.<<< HOW THE HELL DOES SOMEBODY NOT SHIP PERCABETH IT"S CANON AND ITS PERFECTION AND OMG WHY WHAT DID THEY EVER DO TO YOU YOU BETTER NOT SHIP PERACHEL YOU DIRTY TWIGHLIGHT LOVER DISHONOR ON YOU DISHONOR ON YOUR COW (sorry for the rant. but that person just insulted my otp)<<<<sorry but how the hell does someone not ship Percabeth?!?! again, DISHONOR ON YOU, DISHONOR ON YOUR COW

I'm not one to dis someone on the otps and notps but, I've never meet someone that doesnt ship Percabeth.

Annabeth looks so disappointed and embarrassed lol

by indigonite annabeth is like "gods percy!" Piper is like "I understand how that feels" *sigh*