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Os elefantes africanos são listados como vulneráveis pela União Internacional para Conservação da Natureza. Os animais são caçados por suas presas de marfim. Foto: PNUMA/ Peter Prokosch

Assembleia Geral da ONU pede medidas de prevenção contra o comércio ilegal de animais selvagens

Amid 'steady rise' in rhino poaching and elephant killings, UN urges action to tackle illegal wildlife trade

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The cat chief with his enemy's fur and the cat potato are the funniest haha -Brandi

Elephant Standoff by Shannon Wild. African Elephants (Loxodonta africana), Waterberg, South Africa

Elephants Targeted with Cyanide in Zimbabwe. photo by Shannon Benson

WildAid has been leading a campaign over the last few months to raise awareness about the illegal ivory trade in Africa

elephants are killed per year for their ivory. In WildAid launched a three-year campaign to reduce elephant ivory demand in China.

"The follies of man send silent screams through the Universe." (Kimmy D.)

“The Greatness of a Nation can be determined by how it’s Animals are Treated” - Gandhi Sad, we humans are so Selfish.