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One Direction :)

“Today (October in 2013 - InRock magazine shoot released!

I can to... *hint hint*;) but you and Danielle are the perfect couple!:)

Pick-up. Lines. (especially when they're Liam pick-up lines)

One direction

Same order and everything! They've changed so much on the outside but still are childish, sweet and caring on the inside. Love them so much♡

One Direction, 1D, Louis Tomlinson, Lou, Tommo .xx

still adorable, no matter how old he is! louis hasn't changed a bit(:

Hahahaha I do not think we will ever convince Liam!!! Like not ever.... Louis however will probably sneak one in out of nowhere and give us all heart attacks.

Hahahahaha (: true but liam will Never do it daddy direction doesnt aproove of us seing there nudity

@Sophia Grace Triano - ahhhh this ones for you!!!! :) I know you love him haha.

Favourite Louis pic can he get anymore adorable! yea i love cute Louis ^-^