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Ciervo acuático chino

Instead of antlers like other deer have, male Chinese water deer have long canine teeth.


Bird meets Bison calf: "Sparrow & Friend": Photo by Photographer Alfonso Paz

Melanie Griffith in bed with her pet lion (1970)

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Melanie Griffith with the family pet lion, Neil ~ May 1971 (photo by Michael Rougier)

Dragan Romanovic | GlobAllShare™ World Society  https://www.globallshare.com/en/1117459.html

Hippo having a snack. ponderation: "Wild Wildlife" by Raissa Scholz Portela

A real life dragon! The five-banded gliding lizard has modified ribs that extend into a wing membrane.

Dragons are REAL! Alright so what they actually found is a small lizard in Indonesia that greatly resembles a miniature dragon.Hugs and Pins

Bongo antelope. Dzanga Ndoki National Park, Central African Republic. Photo: National Geographic / Michael Fay

African Animal Pictures

This is for my daughter Gina. The panda symbolizes me since it's my fav animal & the elephant is u since that's ur fav animal. I'm giving u a big hug letting u know I luv u. and telling u everything will be ok soon God will always be with you.

this is sooo cute. The elephant isn't afraid at all. It's amazing to me how something so big & strong can be so gentle & caring for others. Elephants are amazing! My sister loves Pandas & I Elephants. Its us in a picture.

Our newest house guest...Squeekers!

What a wonderful face. I don't like mice but this little guy put a smile to my face he is so full of cuteness!

Baby Raccoons struggling to get a drink from the bird bath.

Animal Early this morning my cats wanted to go outside, but when I opened the door, they hesitated as though they were scared of something out in the yard. Leaving them…

Giant Panda, Mother and Baby Prints by Eric Baccega at AllPosters.com

Giant Panda, Mother and Baby