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Sass by Capaldi --- I think the new doctor is my spirit animal. He gets sassy! #doctor #who

- Robin Hood laughs in the face of all. - And do people ever punch you in the face when you're doing that?

River: "Hello, I'm the Doctor's wife." Rose: "Hello, so am I." Doctor: "Fuck my life!!!...." XD

River: "Hello, I'm the Doctor's wife." Rose: "Hello, so am I." Doctor: "f*** my life!" XD Funny but i dont like the language

We're pretty freaking fabulous. And dedicated. And devoted. And damaged.

"Most fandoms have some pretty deep canon. The Doctor Who fandom can tell you the concentration of gas in the atmosphere of the home planet of the main character.

Doctor who

Funny pictures about Midlife crisis. Oh, and cool pics about Midlife crisis. Also, Midlife crisis.

My favourite episode

Doctor Who - Stormageddon Dark Lord of All - What happens when the Doctor speaks Baby :D


Donna Noble: Queen of Sass. Donna is awesome and I love her.

I was wondering if there was a connection between her pose and the Angels. That must break the Doctors hearts every time he fights them if this is true...

The Time Lords are the Weeping Angels theory. and This Was His Mom theory. I was actually thinking that that was his mom the first time I saw this episode, but I never thought of the weeping angels one.