Project Life Inspiration: Clean Look » Isa's Place - love the title. minimal.

Get some ideas for your very own project life layouts. The focus of this layout analyses is on a "Clean Style". Enjoy this project life inspiration.

Project Life. Good tips + some cool print techniques. Tc

Which Project Life Style describes you? The Get-it-Done Method: Cards from your kit, photos, no-frills, no-extras, simple. The Super-Creative Method: Detailed layouts.

project life 2014 - going digital ==>

Project LIFE idea: the top left card for title page. Family name, family ages, simple, clean and clear! TITLE PAGE IDEA

The Moments In Between: more of excellent article on organizing materials, favorite products (journaling cards), kit vs stash, keeping/catching up; lots of visuals so easy to catch the ideas, great general tips!!

I've always wanted to start AND COMPLETE a Project Life (where you take a picture a day and scrap every week in a 365 binder). This lady actually gives you some awesome tips on how to get it started and (more importantly) how to keep it going.

Use Instagram Photos in Project Life with Just Add Color!

Use Instagram Photos in Project Life with Just Add Color! (My Sister's Suitcase)