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Caution: caffeine deprived and dangerous when provoked...no sudden movements ☕☕

Caution: caffeine deprived and dangerous when provoked.no sudden movements ☕☕!

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I could probably have a perfectly good day without coffee, but I refuse to gamble with your safety like that.

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Sometimes people say things I'm just not prepared to deal with, like "We're out of coffee" or "Here's some decaf." So uncalled for.

I'm going to try really hard!

"Saturday coffee in your pajamas can be an all day activity if you try hard enough.


Amo a las personas que me hacen reir, que me hacen pensar, y que me hacen café. No en ese orden necesariamente. - I love people who make me laugh, who make me think, and who make me coffee.

I drink tea for the same reason.

I drink coffee because adulting is hard. Without it, I'm basically a 2 year old whose blankie is in the washer.