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No matter how old you are, an empty wrapping paper tube is still a light saber. the-nerd-in-me


I will never look at ROFL the same again.I like this better I will never look at ROFL the same again.I like this better I will never look at ROFL the same again.I like this better

playing a word game and got lexus on the girls team. I say "Superman's arch enemy first name then think expensive car brand" Blank stares....except from the guys jumping out of their seats. LEX LUTHER ladies...come on.

Love my inner geek♡

Browncoat - all the way!!  I'm torn between Whovian and Browncoat

Funny pictures about Geek Vote. Oh, and cool pics about Geek Vote. Also, Geek Vote photos.

Any kind of tube will do for me.

Funny pictures about No matter how old you are. Oh, and cool pics about No matter how old you are. Also, No matter how old you are.

Valentine's Day cards for us Star Wars nerds

Is your name WiFi? Cause I'm feelin' a connection.

Funny pictures about Nerd Valentine. Oh, and cool pics about Nerd Valentine. Also, Nerd Valentine.

Men's Small for Dani

Palpatine / Vader 2020 election t-shirt

Geek Gear: Star Wars 'Vote Empire' Shirt - Geeks of Doom

Tiffy Pop!  Here is the one you talking about, Ha ha, I freaking love it, snort snort!

"No officer my speech is not slurred.I'm just talking cursive"

Aldglo Lomex. I had to add the 3rd letter of my name, otherwise it would have been Aldgl .  So, what's your star wars name?

What's your Star Wars name? Mine was awesome. Hard to pronounce, but awesome.

I want to check out the bricks at GSU now... See if anyone got creative there.

Brick Donor for the win. In memory of Obi-Wan our only hope

I understood nothing  omg no I don’t know which is worse math or Mexican music

So, March every year is Pi day. As in π not pie the delicious yummy treat. So, all the math geeks get their own day! But, March in the year 2015 will be super uber cool.

Calvin Klein & VS

My point Exactly~ :D Calvin Klein model~ Goes with VS~ Angel :D

dirty dancing quotes | dirty dancing reference | Quotes

Hilarious 😂 Dirty Dancing quote "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" 😁

I definitely do...

10 years ago - this is SO true!then when I think about the reality that the were about 20 years ago.I feel really old!

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Art Geek T-shirts geeky-overload

This is so me. My kind of date.

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