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You think you're a good person but you definitely need to take another look in that mirror.

Sometimes you just have to accept that some people are shitty humans and stop trying to see the good that isn't there. - It's takes a lot for me to believe someone is a shitty human being, but once I do, I'm done.

Take responsibility for yourself and your choices

Bobby Umar on

You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice. We all need to remember these words. The world would be much different if people thought about the consequences.

TRUMP 2017-Bringing back  Traditional American Culture. Putting USA Citizens First. Restoring American Pride & Never  Apologizing for Winning!

Trump is a pussy-grabbing, tax-evading adulterer and Melania is a home-wrecking former nude model and possible escort. Family values? He golfs every day off & she won't live in the same house with him!

And when your stuck with them till you die you will know YOU were a BAD parent.

Right winged libertarian conservative atheists, do they exist? We are the classical liberals of the past who left the regressive left! We support freedom of speech over political correctness. Most atheists are leftist liberals, we are not.

Trump for president.  Don't let anti-americans threaten us. These must be the illegal immigrants who have come in illegally and our corrupting our great land. OUR LAND is a Blessing not a Curse.

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http://www.adoptamericanetwork.org/waiting-children/ http://www.adoptuskids.org/meet-the-children        -- I've never referred to people who are against abortion as "pro-life" I've always called them "anti-choice" -- because they really don't care about the children once they're born!!!!!

Breeding is an option, not an obligation. If I knew my mom would chase success if I weren't born, I'd give it all up. When I'm gone, it'll be exactly the same as having not yet been conceived anyway.

Just another good reason Hillary should never be president! || Do you REALLY believe government can make the best choices for YOUR life? Seriously?

Just another good reason Hillary should never be president! And the Obamas will still be in there helping her do it! If you get clinton, you're stuck with obama! I'm voting Trump!

http://www.ijreview.com/2015/10/444487    -israels-prime-minister-just-made-bold-prediction-future-homeland/?utm_source=email

Quentin Tarantino Calls All Police 'Murderers.' Then, O'Reilly Drops a Fact-Bomb.

D.C. Native Sees Reform Afoot with Mayor’s Transparency, Diversity

D.C. Native Sees Reform Afoot with Mayor's Transparency, Diversity

I don't post much about the welfare system anymore, when it comes to who should and shouldn't receive it, because I think welfare and taxation is theft. However, I can get behind his. I support myself entirely, have two roommates, I'm putting myself through college, I live well below the poverty line, and I don't ask for a damn thing beyond the opportunity to keep making my own way... Regardless of how nice it would be to get a few hundred bucks a month for groceries. #Welfare…

I don't believe anyone on welfare should be living better than those who work for a living. If I can't afford a manicure than why should someone on welfare be able to afford it? Welfare was designed to be a hand up not a hand out.