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7 Days to Die: True Survival

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7 Days to Die: True Survival

7 Days to Die | True Survival | Horde Night in the City | SDX | Ep32

I celebrate horde night in the hub city. Quite the heart pound rush fo.

2 Welcome Surprises | True Survival SDX Mod | Episode 9 | 7 Days to Die

Went off to the traders and found a workbench and a cement mixer!

7 Days to Die Modded | True Survival SDX | Fishing Sucks | Episode 23

Fishing is not easy. Its not to bad actually, but you do have to watch out. I get what I need for anti-venom, make some iron armor and finally get to go on m.

Parkour Horde Night | 7 Days to Die | True Survival SDX | Episode 44

I use my modified city to fight the horde. 7 Days to Die Modded: True Survival SDX This is the new True Surv.

7d2d True Survival | Alpha 15.2 | Ep 12 Redbull, Screamer, Spikes

The quest for red bull completed :) base building, adding lot of spikes hopefully that will help.