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Which one is your favorite SMG? CZ Scorpion Evo 3 FOR LIFE!!!!

Which one is your favorite SMG?

Really nice collection. I wouldn't need the middle handguns. Those two 1911's, rifle, and shotgun would be all I'd ever want or need.

weaponzone: Title: ” Weapon Buffet “ That looks pretty sweet

Three men ran in to a BAR

Cant not post this BAR Browning automatic rifle (early type, # 260

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Black ops sniper rifles comparison essay ops Black comparison rifles essay sniper, i have 600 words to cut from a (currently) word essay, any genuine advice welcome, i've cut most of my conclusion at.

Oh dear god we're all dead if mcree gets one of these

That one looks like the joke version of the Force-A-Nature from And the rest is just silly, if they worked back when they were made, modern weapons would be way more insane!

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Build Your Sick Cool Custom Assault Rifle Firearm With This Web Interactive Firearm Builder with ALL the Industry Parts - See it yourself before you buy any parts This Took My Money

THIS!!  THIS IS AN ASSAULT WEAPON!!  WWII Stevens 520-30 Trench Gun

WWII Stevens Trench Gun/// I really want one of these, so um, if you feel so inclined, I wouldn't say no if you just kinda want to give me one.