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Okay so this is Twilight sister right now she ran to the bathroom and locked her self in when she saw this I found it HALARIOUS!!!   (I'm only 9)

"Kill yourself." ~Meh Meh second base. ^^ And again, this base was completely made by my own brain.: Kill Yourself base :.

Hawaiian mickey by chico-110.deviantart.com

from Disney's Easter wonder land parade. mickey change costume in this parade! Hawaiian mickey of couse, with stitch

Oh my,  those sweet little heart melting, soul piercing expressionable & talkative eyes!

20 German Shepherd Puppies That You'll Want to Take Home Immediately

German Shepherd puppies are really cute. Then have a look at the below pictures of adorable German Shepherd puppies. German Shepherd Puppies with A Baby German Shepherd [.

Nightcrawler by uncannyknack.deviantart.com on @deviantART

A WIP of a variant on the Moebius' Parable cover. Ways to go but the moving parts are here. Some feature bits I cribbed from a surprisingly good Toys 'R Us Galactus figure from a few years ago.