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“Every moment you get is a gift. Spend it on things that matter. Don’t spend it by dwelling on unhappy things.”

a male tiger in India adopted a litter of orphaned cubs, taking on the role of 'mother'. Wildlife officials say such behavior had never been observed before.

Lol we watched the mermaid documentary in geography once, lots of people believed it and our teacher just laughed at us. He also showed us one on how dinosaurs still exist.

For Nemo. I think I should watch more scary movies ;) And, if you had actually watched the Fast and Furious movie you would know they obviously had to make a

Too bad the Olsen twins aren't identical, but the rest is this is interesting.

Judging by the fact they chose the FRATERNAL Olsen twins to discuss identical twins I don't know how accurate these are, but still interesting

Eye see what you did there!

Eye see what you did there!

13 incredible facts about your eyes. You have a common ancestor with people of every eye color.

Puns waiting to happen.

Born July 1856 Nikola Tesla birthday Lightening Omen Mother said he'll be a child of light - WTF fun facts

Fun Facts Dumpling - Imgur

White cats with blue eyes - WTF Fun Fact and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!