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Hyakuya Mikaela / Mika | Owari no Seraph / Seraph of the End | by 栗川 鮫弥 on pixiv

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"Ready to start a rebellion, kid?" The world has been under a dictatorship like ruling. All forms of creativity have been banned, and anyone caught will be executed. Our job is to ignite the revolution in the mass of the country, starting with our squadron of rebels. -Tsun

Gikusu, published a special voice of "cocktail Prince (cocktail Prince)" 4 new…

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" You scream at me. I wipe some blood off the corner of my mouth. "It's no big deal, ____!" I yell back.

Básicamente el pringao no es el que estudia a última hora, es el que no estudia (no aplicable al anime)

Read yurio fotos from the story YURI ON ICE by MagdaDennisBiersack (Magda Dennis Biersack) with 689 reads.