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Furry friends Forever. My doggie would lick a horse if she knew one

Australian Shepherd - Smart Working Dog

Precious wet kiss from Border Collie dog to little foal. Gives me warm fuzzies! Love horses and dogs!

I lOVE YOU, GIANT HAY-EATING DOGGY! And that, my friends, is the heart of a pit bull.

Horsey and doggie that loves him! "I love you, giant hay-eating dog!

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24 Ways Your Day Could Be Ruined By Cuteness. Your morning plans could be thwarted by a slipper thief.


Perfectly-Timed-Photos - We all know that when dogs meet other dogs they like to have a sniff, to see who is boss. This perfectly timed picture shows that even drawings of dogs will need to have their butts sniffed too.

(16) passion equestre - Facebook Search

(16) passion equestre - Facebook Search

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Funny pictures about The Cutest Headache. Oh, and cool pics about The Cutest Headache. Also, The Cutest Headache photos.