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Ian Somerhalder. I had a professor that looked like him...yep ;)

31 days, 31 gifts – Ian Somerhalder Edition!

I've recently started watching Vampire Diaries and i've got a little thing for Damon Salvatore. He's got the whole sexy bad boy thing going on. His character is just hot. You have to watch Vampire Diaries to know what i mean!

I'm so excited for his Hindi debut

I'm so excited for his Hindi debut

Chace Crawford

After six years of playing Manhattan rich kid Nate Archibald, Chace Crawford has said goodbye to Gossip Girl. 'It was like leaving college, just without a degree': Chace Crawford reflects on the end of Gossip Girl as he models for Mr Porter.

If I see one more post about Louis' grandparents I will literally not be able to function ever again.

in the music video, the first picture was with his grandparents too, but then we he became older, they disappeared. They died. And Louis actually started crying, so they had to don't give times before they could get it right.