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Playing in the leaves

Jumping in Leaves. Have your children take turns jumping into leaf piles, try to have them land on their feet when they jump in.

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One of the most popular narratives in Judaism and Christianity is the story of The Exodus (well hell, let’s just say this is one of thee most popular spiritual narratives ever).

Simple Joy

Tree climbing used to be a festivity in the old Oktoberfest. For the party, an easy way to let your kids have fun is to let them climb trees outside or in the field if there are any.

משפטי מוטיבציה יפים לחיים

Photographer Stanislav Duben, took the photo of his 16 year-old-sister, Aneta, as she fed the squirrel in a park in Mlada Boleslav in the Czech Republic. Picture: Stanislav Duben/ Solent News