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I once went to see a comedian and I sat in the front row. Still wearing size 54" waist pants -- with suspenders -- from a previous bit, he decided to rap, making up lyrics with audience member names. He called on me first, said, "Oh shit" and then rapped this: "I met a girl and her name was Stephanie. We made whoppee. This was all that was left of me." That was the best I'll ever get.

Free, Thanks Ecard: It sucks i have such a white girl name, I'll never get a shout out in a rap song.

For Havasu as he studies for his exams this week.

Human brain is amazing. It functions 24 hrs, for 365 days. It functions right from the time we were born and only stops when we.take exams.

"@Brandy Combsallllllllll the time." Hahahaha I love how my best friend already knows what's up! Hahaha

"He's cute, I swear. Let me find a better picture. How many times have single ladies heard this from their friends trying to set them up on dates.

you're probably addicted to the internet

If you're reading this you're probably addicted to the internet. And by the internet, I mean

I don't know what to say about The Shining and Frozen put together... but that was great.

best mashup ever - Frozen and the Shining :P Do you want to build a snowman >:)