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Celebrities Trollin

Celebrities Trollin'

Funny pictures about Celebrity photobombs. Oh, and cool pics about Celebrity photobombs. Also, Celebrity photobombs photos.

One of the most annoying songs ever has a deeper meaning? I almost have an appreciation for it now. Almost.

The truth about Friday.

the song Friday is really about the assassination of JFK. who cares about things like 'facts' and 'being correct' and 'history'. pretty sure this song is the new 'true'. I like this song a little better now!

I love this!! There always had to be cheesecake!!!

Movie & TV tidbits (26 photos)

"We are in the middle of a crisis and there's no cheesecake"- Blanche Devereaux Amen!

Can I have yo numba? Can I? Can I have it? LMAO I love Darrel (spelled like Daryl, but pronounced Da-rell)

8 Of The Worst Places To Get Asked Out Or Be Hit On

Can I have yo numba? Where yo boyfriend at? He getting you mike and Ikes? You like Mike and Ikes? Is he tall, is he hefty? Is he com in back? Where your boyfriend at?

No one will ever hate Twilight more than Robert Pattinson does

No one will ever hate Twilight more than Robert Pattinson does.

Hahaha, apparently even Robert Pattinson hates Twilight. ESPECIALLY Robert Pattinson hates Twilight.

miss congeniality, arneson river theater, san antonio

Morning coffee (39 photos)

When our graphic designer told us he was getting married on April 25 naturally we all knew why they chose that day. it's the perfect date! So Happy April 25 and Happy Anniversary to Kyle and his wife Heather!

Why you datin' in a war zone?! A great question, glozel! THANK YOU! anyone notice the giraffe with a wig on behind her?

"I'll catch a grenade for ya? First of all, why you datin' in a war zone? Where is you that someone is throwin' grenades at you?" Haha I love Glozelle!

What Makeup Do You Use ? Nutella | Click the link to view full image and description : )

What makeup do you use? haha def I cant believe someone actually smeared nutella on their face for this LOL