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the brain area affected by psilocybin can also be out of whack in mental health problems such as depression, the researchers speculate that the drug may turn out to be useful in treating mental illness. This could be your forest on psilocybin.

A little about the picture as some are wondering what it is. The picture is created using an incense stick. I wave my hand through the smoke to create various patterns while taking several shots. Reflector to the left of the camera. Speedlight to the right with a make shift snoot out of bristol board. Camera is on a tripod. Black cloth for back drop. Once the picture is loaded onto the computer I add an overlay of colour using photoshop (takes less than a minute to do) and that is it.

Haunted Enchanted Incense Collection Vampire Energy Seeing Sight Connect

Lone Tree In Utah by Arthur Rosch - Skyline Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself. ~Alan Watts (I am in love with this thought!

Untouched - wow!!! Gorgeous!!! He just smiles when we are astounded at His creation....

Autumn is my favorite season. Filled with colors. God is the most Amazing Artist. and no paint brush was needed.

Minneapolis sunrise by JL Lundstrom

Sunrise on this Minneapolis morning was EPIC!

Spring Blooms in Central Park, NYC

Spring, Central Park, New York City. I can picture a walk through Central Park, just by looking at the beautiful colors.