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forehead kisses ... love giving them

My wonderful husband of nearly 40 years, has kissed me on the forehead, every day, since the first day we met. I love my forehead kisses !

Hypatia Quotes. My kind of girl!

Hypatia quotations and sayings with pictures. Famous and best quotes of Hypatia.

Today is the perfect day to be happy ❤

Today is the perfect day to be happy quotes quote happy happy quotes happiness quotes

Yes and yes. I need to say this every morning when I wake up. It's easy for me to remember the coffee but the willingness to be wrong will take some work.

"I hereby arm myself today with coffee and the willingness to be wrong." // Audrey Assad I need to repeat this over and over every morning

Live life in such a way that Westboro Baptist will picket the funeral.

May I never be complete, may I never be content, may I never be perfect- Chuck Palahniuk

"Love breaks my bones, and I laugh" -Charles Bukowski

"love breaks my bones, and i laugh" -Charles Bukowski This fuckin guy is my minds crazy narrator.

Never Waste Your Time Trying To Explain Yourself To People Who Are Committed To Misunderstanding You

Never waste your time trying to explain who you are to people who are committed to misunderstanding you. (usually the people that you are talking to and you find out later they are smiling and nodding, but thinking liar.


Mumford & Sons tattoos may be cliche, but their lyrics are gold. NEXT TATTOO. - thats the only thing holding me back but i guess if it means something to you who cares how many other people have it - cute-tattoo