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This is when you start to get over him~
There is a reason why I think this is funny. One day my ex boyfriends grandmother gave me sugar she didn't have her glasses on I should've known right then lol I went to go make no bake cookies and I was super excited to bite in that cookie they are my favorite cookies in the world and don't that darn thing out because His grandma gave me salt instead of sugar it was priceless lol I was in tears laughing so hard!!
When you boyfriends dad tells you your the best girlfriend he's had, all the rest were twats lmao ; )
Ha - I have to wonder if a certain someone is truly pure evil, or just lacking common sense. Maybe it's a lack of common sense concerning men. That makes sense considering being 40+ years old and never having a boyfriend,
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Well i am the only one who pin point him..... others come to think he is just a loser douche.bag. most get tired of his bs. His family are the only true blind ones.  M<3
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