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Halloween "Happy Halloween" Garland - Spritz™ $5 | Target Halloween 2016

Target, why are you so good to me? As soon as Halloween time comes around, I head to the store and fill my cart with every festive item I can find.

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You'll Want These Halloween Decoration Ideas Under $50

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Halloween decoration from martha stewart, cheesecloth spider webs: Snip, tear, and make holes in each strip; rub cheesecloth between hands to fray the edges. Attach plastic spiders to the tattered webbing with glue.

Haunted Mansion Halloween Party - Halloween Printables & Party Ideas - Kara's Party Ideas - The Place for All Things Party

Some fun ideas for a Haunted Mansion buffet. The purple skulls & accents colours work -- remember, the Haunted Mansion wallpaper is often purple & black.

Cut these creepy creatures out of black card stock and tape them to the wall or house.

Paper bats: Draw the outline of a bat on sheets of black construction paper and tack them to the wall with glue dots. I'm gonna plan on making Bend them a bit at the wing to give them a little dimensionality. Best for a room without overhead light.