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Totally true

Teenager Post - It's cute that they sell family-sized Oreo boxes, thinking that people are going to share them with their family.

True I painted my nail when I what's turning 12 and I still have a little left on my toe and I panted my nails last week and the next day half of it was gone

Whenever I paint my fingernails the polish lasts 4 days but when I paint my toenails it lasts for like 6 years I don't understand

Japanese musings on odd construction equipment — Art imitating life or vice-versa? | RocketNews24

Japanese musings on odd construction equipment -- Art imitating life or vice-versa?


Yes. It's one of the best feelings ever. And to have "Miss" added to my name whenever I help out with the younger kids at my church? So weird but so cool! The little kids in church just call me and my friend teacher even my sister!

hate math | Hate math !!! | Tee Hee and Giggle!

Teenager Post Yes. Because everyone buys 6 cars, then drivers each for 17 hours, exept for three, those were driven for twelve. And takes a fifteen minute nap In between each one.

#3003 but goodness (please) not g-o-d

Wake up in the middle of the night praying it's not the clock and it's Thank God! I do this all the

All the time

I do this all the time because I love my dog and when I hurt her I feel bad

They do taste better. It's just like how I think shaped macaroni taste better than normal macaroni

True my sis nd I had a huge argument on this.guess who won.this guy that's right I won actually, they do taste better. it's just a fact.