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Self-esteem (minus the makeover one since most of my low self-esteem girls are already too image-focused)

How to Sew With Minky Fabric

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You should never sacrifice 3 things.. NEVER! but the damage is done.

You should never sacrifice three things: your family, your heart, or your dignity, well except when your in hospital, then you mightn't have much choice on the last one.

Love this 2014 fill-in-the-blank prompt that gets you thinking about what you'd like to do next year!.....How great to do every year and share on new years day with those you love

Dealing With Judgments – Your Own And Others

New Years resolutions should be these kinds of things not superficial weight/looks related ones! DIY 2014 New Year Resolutions by homesweetfirsthome

My mind reads this two ways...She either wants Christ, or that nice Latino guy who works in the office next door...

Little bit of coffee whole lot of Jesus. :) I don't even drink coffee lol

Great photo of a dolphin surfing with surfer. This is a fave pic of a dolphin jumping from a wave in the surf break with a surfer.

Truth...you must always know who you are and love you before you find someone else to love you too! If not, how will they know who to love?

If you don't love yourself, you'll always be chasing people who don't love you either. … you know, unhealthy patterns and stuff

Steve Irwin. Sure do miss that guy.

Tasmanian devil and Steve Irwin RIP Steve, We miss you. ***Dana says this is a Wombat, not a Tasmanian Devil.