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Great way to organize your cords.

What a great idea! You know how you’re always trying to decide “which cord goes to what”? Use “bread clips” to identify your cords. Just write the “name” on each clip with a magic marker and put it on the cord.

simple organization idea for things that come up through the day.

Very simple - left side is the priority, right side can wait. As you finish the left side tasks, throw post-its away. Then look at right side post-its and see which ones can be moved to left side. Now to get some sticky notes.

Best ideas: bring a power strip to the airport and make iPhone shortcuts for your email addresses. Good to know: how to open wine and chip bags. (The tape case is pretty cute, too.)

Better ways to complete everyday tasks…

Funny pictures about Better ways to complete everyday tasks. Oh, and cool pics about Better ways to complete everyday tasks. Also, Better ways to complete everyday tasks.

Small life hacks

They will make your life much easier…

The camera lens in such smart phones as iPhone are great these days. You take good quality pictures. And this macro lens is going to boost up your iPhone camera

use plastic soap travel containers to corral small things like playing cards and crayons

Using dollar store soap boxes to organize - card games GENIUS! The crapy cardboard boxes most card games come in do NOT last long in the hand of an excited four year old.

Clever freezer pack.  Freeze a wet sponge.  it won't drip all over. 12handyFreezeWetSponge

A few simple and sound life hacks to try (43 Photos)

Sponge Ice Pack-frozen, saturated sponge in a bag makes an icepack that won't drip all over when it melts - great idea!

I'm definitely gonna have to try this.

I always forget to cancel free trials before they charge me. This is genius. 36 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know.

Návody a inšpirácie pre kreatívnych ľudí - 3.časť / Time.Store » SAShE.sk - slovenský handmade dizajn

I like this creative idea to organize the shoes. it reuses the wire hanger. It is easier for me to select shoes when I dress up. Most importantly, it is not time consuming to organize the shoes. Shoes are pairs. It's headache to look for the other one.

Hmm... I would be worried about ketchup taste even after washing the bottle. Idk I'm weird

Put pancake mix in a ketchup or squeeze bottle for a no-mess preparation. - SO GENIUS! (But clean out the ketchup bottle thoroughly of course!) :) This pin is brought to you by Coffee-mate

My List Notebook and batching tasks

Making lists and batching tasks

10 Things To Do Everyday to Stay Organized - things like 'have a donation station' etc. 10 things to do everyday to stay organized. I need to know this!