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Très vrai. A relire en cas de doutes

Some people don't get the concept of their children should come first and fore most before your own selfish wants. Any woman can have a baby but it takes a true woman to be a mother!

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Things our mothers taught us…

Haha, I remember some of these from when I was a kid :) Love you mom! Haha, I remember some of these from when I was a kid :) Love you mom! Haha, I remember some of these from when I was a kid :) Love you mom!

To my first born, I tell him this all the time❤️

My babies love this book. I Love You Forever. My favorite memory with my mom was always reading this book. She said this to me every night before bed till I was 15

....and Spiritually Speaking: She Never Did Care for Pie.

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jordan~ so true!

My Babies Nicole is having just for me.

Printable Teacher Gift - Mother Quote - Digital File - Wisdom value children teaching

♡ my boys

There is no one perfect way to be a good mother. each situation is unique. each mother has different challenges, different skills and abilities, and certainly different children. what matters is that a mother loves her children deeply. - Elder M.

Words of wisdom for my daughter (Suzy Toronto)

Quote - Wisdom for my Daughter Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter Tori! I love you sweetheart!

To my beautiful daughter Stephanie <3

I love my daughters! geiterl I love my daughters! I love my daughters!

I'm so lucky to have the greatest teenage boys on the face of the Earth! ❤

So true! I recently had a conference with a mom who said straight out, "Im a bad mom" but her kid is amazing. Behind every amazing kid there's an amazing mom, I just wish we would all give ourselves credit for it

I'll see you again in Heaven!

No one can know just how lost I am, every minute of every day of every month.every moment, I am lost without you. I love you dad.

My children are my world

My Children will not how much I Love them. it's so sad these days to hear what moms say about their kids!

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I miss you Mom more and more each day to hear your voice again. If only you could of seen your great granddaughter Aubrey you'd be so proud she's truly an angel from you and her sisters. I love you and miss you Mom Love Kristie

Wish I could hug her.... I'll keep waiting til I can again.... But until then.... I wish I could hug her

A mother's love for you will last, when other passions long have passed . I always feel my Mother's love, even after 31 years :)