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Getup aus budget response campaign

Getup aus budget response campaign

Nuns on the Bus - In a spirited retort to the Vatican, a group of Roman Catholic nuns is planning a bus trip across nine states this month, stopping at homeless shelters, food pantries, schools and health care facilities run by nuns to highlight their work with the nation’s poor and disenfranchised.       Sister Simone Campbell is organizing a bus tour to draw attention to nuns’ work with the poor and to protest planned aid cuts.

Nuns on the Bus - Join them to protest the impacts of the Ryan budget on people in need around the USA - see map & schedule

YES. The Buyerarchy of Needs is the best thing I've seen all week/month/year. SO good.

The Buyerarchy of Needs

The Buy/Use Pyramid. The Buyerarchy of Needs. From wide base to tiny top: use what you have - borrow - swap - thrift - make - buy

He had the correct vision !!!

When Windton Churchill was asked to cut Arts Funding in favor of the war effort, he simply replied, "Then what are we fighting for?

{Adventure will show up wherever you look for it.} *How to plan a frugal family vacation "In Lieu of Disney"

Save & Splurge: 25+ Ideas for a Frugal Family Vacation

The world will try to tell you that you need stuff to be somebody. Don't listen.

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this post includes links to several fair trade shops, for Christmas shopping

Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want - Anna Lappe