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A jay, startling with its complex markings and colours.

Country Diary: Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield The startling azure coverts are the prettiest blue I’ve ever seen, like scales on some rare tropical fish.


Don't panic! I just love wrens. They are the silliest birds.

Jean-Claude Van Damme splits done first by Marsh wren by Roger Eriksson, via Audubon Magazine

Love it

Bluebirds and blue morning glories. What is more beautiful? Glad I found morning glories that bloom all day.

Mustache Bird, Inca Tern

Mooie Vogels~ Birds with mustaches! Who knew! *** These "Mooie Vogels" are actually Inca terns - Birds with moustaches! Turns out "Mooie Vogels" actually means "beautiful birds" in Dutch!