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'Paperman' at the Oscars :) Love this!!

riceart: I think we’re all pretty excited about Paperman winning the Oscar award for Best Animated Short. Congrats to the Disney Animation Studios! He made an origami award, just for fun.

Disney Pixar Short Film Festival Opens at Epcot

Disney Pixar Short Film Festival Opens at Epcot

James Hance - Wookie the Chew / Star Wars

Whoever Rescues Me Has To Rescue Chew, Too' - My Favorite Disney Old school movie with Star Wars. I need a Sword and the Stone/Star Wars crossover too. I know what that movie Is, I just can't remember!


New Disney Princess Nr. Merida - Brave (c) Disney Pixar Art by UrbanStar ^^ other disney princesses: Aurora:[link] Ariel:[link] Belle:[link] Esmeralda:[link] Jane:[link] Jasmine:[link] Kida:[li.