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There are moments which mark your life. » I Love My LSI #inspirational #life #quote This is the utter truth

There are moments which mark your life. "Remember this moment.this moment is your life.

Life without my dad

crying is a way your eyes speak when your mouth cant explain how broken your heart is - heartbroken quotes

Dance with a limp! :)

live forever in your broken heart and learn to dance with the limp // Anne Lamott So beautiful

Comfort - thank you McLady. this is quite lovely!

I love you so much Dad. Even though i haven't seen your face, or heard your voice for years, you are still such a big part of my heart.i feel like you are always with me. I miss you, but i'm never letting go. You're still my Dad. Death does not part,

A thousand moments

I never thought it would come, we're caught unaware that you will be leaving. Dad please forgive me for i havent make you feel the real feelings i had with you. I love you so much dad.

life goes on . . . the saddest part

People keep telling me that life goes on. But, to me, that's the saddest part.how can my life go on without you.

Until we meet again

8 years ago today at I lost a very special person in my life, my grandpa who was also my dad. I know I have a guardian angel watching over me everyday and by my side. Love you grandpa I know you are in a beautiful place with God!

It may bother others when you do but they need to remember that you need to...

we are theirs and they are ours." I will always be her mom and she remains alive in my heart

This is how I feel towards my grandpa..

Love you Millard my beloved husband always. Love you Jimmy my beloved son, Love you Mom and Dad my beloved parents. Love you Bradley my beloved grandson thought we only had you for 3 short months you filled them with joy.