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Cat of the Week: Amazing Abyssinian

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Abyssinian cat fur is so pretty.


Funny Abyssinian Cats New Pictures 2012



Cenfath (gaelic for "why", Abyssinian cat)

[FACTOID: Noted for his ticked coat, usually fawn or blue, the intelligent Abyssinian will sit quietly by your side or play with you for hours -----[ABY: " NOTS ALWAYS.

Resultado de imagen para abisinio

Resultado de imagen para abisinio

Abyssinian kitten. OMG... This is seriously the most gorgeous cat I've ever seen.

This is seriously the most gorgeous cat I've ever seen.

They so cute

They so cute, Abyssinian Cat

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Abyssinian cat breeds resembles the famous sculptures and paintings of ancient Egyptian cats that had elegant beautiful, muscular body with an arched neck, beautifully shaped eyes that look very much like an almond and large

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ruddy abyssinian

Abyssinian Cat Cross Stitch Pattern 003 by jennionenote on Etsy

Walking Abbyssinian

Walking Abbyssinian

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Abyssinian Cat the cat with an impressive and decent personality.These cats are also related to Egypt as paintings tells us about their existence there.These cats are medium to large sized cats and are alert and playful.They are very much people pleasing



Just like my Mr. Pink Ears:  abyssinian cat breed information

Cat Breed of the Month: Abyssinian - March 2013


Abyssinian cutie with adorable ears