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awkward hug

7 Reasons Luke Danes of "Gilmore Girls" is Perfect and I'm Still Single

A Luke Danes hug... hahahaha

Gilmore Girls -- Luke hugging Rory is about the cutest thing ever

Richard and Emily Gilmore

Which Gilmore Girl are You?

Richard and Emily Gilmore, Gilmore Girls - Edward Hermann and Kelly Bishop

Gilmore Girls

wakeupprincess: “ Gilmore Girls (Season Love, Daisies and Troubadours) LORELAI: Um, so uh, Max Medina this is Luke Danes. Luke owns the diner.

I loved Luke & Lorelai! Gilmore Girls Reunion | Moviepilot.com

"Oy With the Poodles Already!" 'Gilmore Girls' Reunion at ATX Television Festival

I got 13 out of 13 on Can You Match The "Gilmore Girls" Quote With The Character?! <-- Of course I did!

Can You Match The "Gilmore Girls" Quote With The Character?

It's been more than a month since the entire Gilmore Girls series hit Netlix and ruined all of your plans of productivity at work and in life in general. Chances are, many of you have already made it through the seven seasons re-watch project (or, if…

Kim Kardashian Reads Kanye West's Mean Tweet on Kimmel

Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Bell, Jon Stewart, Tracy Morgan and Amy Schumer also participate in the segment

One of the best scenes Cuando jess empezo a trbajar en luke's

Borrowing from Luke Danes’ Closet

Go change!'' 'Yes, uncle Luke.'' ''No, not ''uncle'' Luke. Just Luke. In fact, say nothing at all!''-Jess and Luke's little banters(and sometimes big banters) were funny.

19 Times Sookie is the Best Part of Gilmore Girls

19 Times Sookie St James Was The Best Part Of "Gilmore Girls"

...and that's who I am.

Watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life has us reminiscing about what made us love onscreen mother-daughter duo Rory and Lorelai Gilmore so much to begin

He loved a good joke. | 22 Reasons Rory Should Have Stuck With Logan

"Dammit, Gilmore, give them back their balls." Oh gosh, I loved this episode, one of my favorite Logan moments!