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"Spanish soldiers from the period of of the Battle of Tuttlingen Dragon, standard-bearer, pikeman", Dariusz Bufnal

Holy Roman Empire, Imperial Army, Military Units, Frances O'connor, Countries, Medieval, Spanish, Third, El Camino

Imperial musketeer and caliverman of the Thirty Years’ War

Imperial Armies Musketeers: Caliverman - Musketeer wearing a ‘secrete’ - Officer

three Spanish infantryman of the Spanish Empire in the 16th century AD.

illustration of richard hook showing three Spanish infantryman of the Spanish Empire in the century AD.

Conquistador Ospery

Spanish Tercios in the period of the Emperor Carlos V. Shield bearers "Sword and buckler men" Arquebusier Pikemen

Resultado de imagen de guerra civil española

Reinare En Espana, Una Grande Libre - 1939 Rein in Spain A Great Freedom

italian wars 1494 - Google Search

A series of sharp but also intermittent conflicts broke out over control of Italy at the close of the Italian Renaissance, shattering the peninsular balance of power system achieved in the Peace of…

Soldiers of Italian Wars

Richard Hook - Spanish man-at-arms, Italian knight and French handgunner - End of century.