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People ask me all the time what is a Disney Pin Code? The second question in that sequence is usually How do I get one? While the first question is pretty easy the one takes a little work, but here goes.

I need to go. ..it's been a while

I need to go. ..it's been a while

My husband will tell me this to fix things if he's smart

My husband catches me planning "pretend" Disney vacations all the time!

I love random Disney memories that make me smile :) Making memories with our family is the best!

I love random Disney memories. They include my mom, dad and grandparents who have all passed but the memories live long like they happened only yesterday.

Can't wait to do this when you come back east!! @Jillian Medford Dorsam

I want nothing more than to spend the day with you watching and reciting disney movies. Perfect date!