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What do you mean no animals on the table? You had that stupid turkey up here a few weeks ago!

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lol yup

Funny pictures about Russians And Germans. Oh, and cool pics about Russians And Germans. Also, Russians And Germans photos.

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Please do for your poor kids sake! I'm sure welfare will pay for your meds and a shrink or your much needed stay in the nut house.

Grumpy cat

I kissed a cat & I liked it!it shock the cat.the second time.I think that was the same face I seen.I told him.I didnt think you should try for a third from that look.

Dangerous breed?

Humans Vs Animals quotes - There is only one dangerous breed: HUMANS Read more quotes and sayings about Humans Vs Animals.

I want to kiss him

Funny pictures about First World Dog Problem. Oh, and cool pics about First World Dog Problem. Also, First World Dog Problem.

I Eat Poop

Sidewalk Dog brings you all the latest dog and pet news around Minneapolis. Mystery Solved: This is Why Your Dog Eats Poop.