Little Boy with Oranges

Little Boy with Oranges by Norah Neilson Gray / Glasgow Museums.

lilac...  Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell

– Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell RSA was a Scottish Colourist painter, renowned for his depictions of the elegant New Town interiors of his native Edinburgh, and for his work on Iona.

"Athenaeum Interior": Edgar W. Jenney. In the collection of the Nantucket Historical Association.

Athenaeum Interior by Edgar W. Jenney, collection of the Nantucket Historical Association. Jenney's thin washes & confident single strokes of deep color make his painting look effortless, when, of course, it was anything but.

Penelope Charles-François Marchal (French, Paris 1825–1877 Paris), ca. 1868 Discover more great art on


“ Penelope Charles-François Marchal (French, Oil on canvas. Penelope and its pendant Phryne are typical of the scenes of fashionable life in Paris that Marchal.

Women selling Queen Alexandra roses for charity, in Seaford, East Sussex. 1928 Image: Clifton R. Adams National Geographic Creative/Corbis

Rare color photos of 1928 England, full of soul and spunk

mashable: Rare Autochrome color photos of 1928 England by National Geographic photographer Clifton R. Adams-Women sell flowers for Alexandra Day in Seaford, East Sussex