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“Got Pecs?” – Great Links to Websites with Free Pecs

A fun way to hang picture frames that looks great!

Hanging Frames from Knobs: A Tutorial

Australia - Great Barrier Reef  When to go The best time to visit it is from June to November, when the weather is mild and visibility is generally good. Avoid visiting from December to  March when northern Queensland has a distinct wet season, bringing oppressive heat and abundant rainfall.

How to explore the Great Barrier Reef

One of the most beautiful natural gifts to the continent of Australia is, Great Barrier Reef. The breathtaking beauty of world’s largest coral reef .

What would a vacation be without some great pictures to remember your trip?

Infographic - Getting Great Pet Photos

What would a vacation be without some great pictures to remember your trip? When youre traveling with pets, capturing those moments can be a little extra tricky, but even more rewarding! Here are our 10 best tips for great pet photos!

Pull out photo album - small wooden box with cardstock and pictures. Super easy to make.

35 Easy DIY Gift Ideas People Actually Want (for Christmas & more!)

Gift Idea - Pull-out Photo Album. Buy boxes and cardstock from a craft store and put your photos on. What a cute idea! Great for Mother's Day, Father's Day, or for a grandparent. Decorate the box for Christmas and it's a thoughtful Christmas gift too.

Best camera settings for sunsets free photography cheat sheet

The best camera settings for sunset photography

How to photograph Christmas lights: best camera settings to use (free cheat sheet). In our latest photography cheat sheet we've made a free tips card explaining how to photograph Christmas lights and ensure a good exposure every time!