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Somebody explain to me how Sookie gets every sexy man in Bon Temps, except for Jason bc that's just creepy. Do not understand.

True Blood - Sookie and her sexy men - Bill, Eric, and Alcide.

True Blood, I haven't watched this but I'm thinking I'm missing out on a great series.  I guess it should be next on my list to watch!!

True Blood Courses Through our Veins Again Starting Sunday

Image detail for -True Blood - True Blood Wallpaper - Fanpop fanclub.

Eric and Bill Season 4 ~ True blood BTS

True Blood funny eric northman bill compton " If you guys don't mind were feeling a little crispy up here" :)~

true blood eric and sookie best couple - Google Search

True Blood - Eric & Sookie, Oh this, this is why I liked the books better!

You did not just go there!!

In a kinda blood-thirsty yucky way. God bless Jason-consistently funny one-liners!