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Keep Calm | You've Arrived At Panic Station #Muse

Inspiration from [link] (Gotta love a muse song sounding like another one bites the dust by queen.) Keep calm you've arrived at panic station

To trace the longer pathways that interconnect different brain regions, CBS labs developed a genetic method to label each individual nerve cell a different color to identify and track axons and dendrites over long distances.

When Biology meets Art! It is brainbow,a technique regarding fluorescent proteins into brain.

the human connectome project - Buscar con Google

the human connectome project - Buscar con Google

Capture me,   Trust in your dream,   Come on and rescue me.   Yes, I know, I can't move on,   Baby, you're too head-strong.   Our love is...  Ma- Ma- Ma- Madness

The first rock band I ever really started listening to. Still a favorite band.

Muse Discography, 1999-2015 ❤️ Non c'è un album dei Muse che amo particolarmente più degli altri; gli amo semplicemente tutti e basta. Dal progressive/alternative/hard rock fino ai suoni più elettronici, orchestrali e pop, amo tutto.... I miei gusti sono per la maggior parte compatibili alla loro musica e mi riescono sempre a stupire...❤  Da Showbiz a Drones - fin qui tutto ok!!!

iRola Drone 4.5Ch, 6 Axis, Gyro 6 Motor, 2.4Ghz, RC Wifi FPV, Quadcopter with HD Camera - White

this is why I'm a loner - so I never have anyone telling me I can't paint my house with Muse inspired palettes

The NIH Human Connectome five-year project aims to chart the brain's major circuits.

Human Connectome Project - Neuro imaging mapping the human brain connectivity.