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Deputy Dawg

A mean spirited Cherokee Indian with a sinister laugh is allowed to run roughshod,and Muskie and Vince attempt to take advantage of the situation.

I think my sister actually has an identical one of these in her bedroom. Good lord.

YES bead lizards! I remember making these in elementary school.

...and I usually got the longest one to read and on top of that it usually had the only 23- letter word in the whole chapter! I guess it was worth it because I'm a grand reader today & can spell anything. A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g...                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I did this and hated reading in class but I was in plays at school. I guess it was the same thing, I knew what I was going to say.

Having a major flashback from childhood! I MISS THESE~

I Remember Loving The Wonder Ball Candy As A Kid. Ooh How I Miss The Sometimes . Ooohhh I wonder wonder oo oooo what's in a wonder ball

For everyone on Pinterest, Parachute day!  But for me, Parachute day :(  In gym class I ran under the parachute when we were supposed to be outside it, and I got in big trouble.  Our gym teacher made me sit on the bleachers and I held back tears while everyone else played and had fun.  Worst day in gym, ever.  For me anyway.

hearing the parachute rumors run rampant before your class had gym was awesome. I loved parachute gym day :)

Best game ever. Girl Talk

Girl Talk game with zit stickers. - I had this and played it all of the time!

I just loved when the baby-sun would laugh okay??

40 Things That Will Make You Feel Old: The final episode of Teletubbies aired ten years ago.

Potato smilies... Who else remembers these!?

36 Tastes That Will Take You Right Back To Your Childhood