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BLU a Roma

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BLU Milano , Italy

BLU Milano , Italy

Berlin Street Art: Blu. Seen in person and it was by far my favorite

Berlin Street art by 'Blu' A bit creepy & disturbing, but interesting & captivating nevertheless.

I love random murals in random places...if they are done well =)

Maya Hayuk - Barn Piece - Inspiration for shed wall mural


On the Shoulders of a Wizard : Os Gemeos and Mark Bode In SF

Revolutionary art of north africa, focusing Egypt.

A Look At The Street Art That Spurred A Revolution

Walls of Freedom is a comprehensive look at the provocative visuals that helped overthrow a regime during the Arab Spring.

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in recently shined a spotlight on the burgeoning graffiti scene in Bogota, which is starting to gain worldwide attention. Italian graffiti artist Assi-One, whose designs have adorned…