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You Are My Jam Art Print - Lisa Congdon

In this image you can see that the artist has enlarged the objects and putting less on the page i could try this on my designs for my diner poster

Available for sale from Alan Cristea Gallery, Michael Craig-Martin, Intimate Relations: Handcuffs Screenprint, 120 × 99 cm

Maria Aparicio If i looked into the idea of meat and flesh I thought that I could use this technique to represent and show the muscles or bones onto of images.

Design Inspiration // Maria Aparicio… and friends. All of these pieces are collaborations with various photographers. They supply the stunning images, and she supplies the embroidery.

This image is a good example of graphic sequence, it shows several matches that are placed in order. The interesting thing is the graphic sequence of these matches are from the beginning to the end, the initial one is a complete match and the last one is a match that was burned down to ashes. So it shows the whole life of a match.

Multiple matches burned placed one after the other create a sense of regular rhthym.

Isabelle Menin   Gorgeous Faux Nature inspiration

Inspiration - Autumn/Winter 2013 - Dark Burnouts and Distressed Tapestry

I’ve been seeing these stunning portraits around the internet for quite some time, but just finally decided to stalk down the wonder-boy who created them. I’m so impressed by the imagination that Dan Mountford created with these photographs. I’d love to have a couple hanging in my bedroom. This also makes me want to go practice […]

dan mountford, double exposure portraits

The first and third are cliche but the second is good. Coming city life and country-side with the human face by Dan Mountford, double exposure portraits.