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rings made from books! id like to see a ebook do that.

If you ever wished you could wear your favorite book, your wish has come true.

okay, okay.. it is a dvd set, but why is it not in my collection yet?!

DVD set of the films of Charles and Ray Eames

Real Life Da Vinci Code. By Simcha Jacobovici #simchajtv #bneianussim #criptojews

My Rome based friend, Roy Doliner, wrote a book on the “The Sistine Secrets”. Basically, he exposes secret Jewish symbolism on the ceiling of the holy of holies of the Vatican.


A talisman to ward off jinxes, ill will, and misfortunes. A solid walnut ring with a brass knocker, you can “knock on wood” no matter your surroundings. Hand made and finished with all natural linseed oil and beeswax.

I have these and love them. monarchs playing cards. $6.95 (designed by neighborhood studio)

Elegant Graphic Design of Theory 11 Playing Cards - worth checking out the link. These are really impressive.

Coolest sleeping bag EVER

I never want to camp and sleep on the ground again, but if I do. I want this sleeping bag. Eaten By A Bear Sleeping Bag