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I made this! crayon idea comes to life. my cheesy thoughts were: Reading makes me grow, cry, and be brilliant like the sun.

crayon idea comes to life. my cheesy thoughts were: Reading makes me grow, cry, and be brilliant like the sun.

YOGA SEQUENCE TO SPLITS/HANUMANASANA This sequence may not get you to the splits instantly but they are some stretches to help you along the way. I suggest doing this after a proper warm up. A few Sun A's and Sun B's etc. this is not so much a flow but a

If you’re ready to start increasing your flexibility, then add these eight relaxing yoga moves into your post workout routine at least three times a week. You’ll start to notice a huge improvement the more you do these stretches.

I've started doing something I've never done by choice - getting up with (or before) the sun. I'm hoping I can keep it up, but for now, I'm just enjoying how productive I've been in the wee morning hours. This was created at 530am. My early 20's self would have been scolding me, haha. Have a beautiful and creative Wednesday! ☀️ Small Pentel waterbrush with Pentel (tube) watercolors

Freebie: January 2016 Hand Lettered Desktop Wallpaper

Daily Writing Prompt - Writers Write Creative Blog

Daily Writing Prompt - Write about the contents of a coat pocket that could change someone's life.

straw sun hat  #millinery #judithm #hats

Week of Toys! Day 1 - Jess Hutch

This would look stunning outdoors, and so easy. You could even save the tops and cover the jars when not in use so no insects or rain could get in them. Just make sure you keep your candles out of the sun so they don't melt. You could use flameless candles for safety. Save jars, add rice, beans or pebbles for cheap but pretty party ambiance...or an evening on the deck with friends.

50 Ways to Re-purpose and Reuse Glass Jars {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas

50 Ways to Re-purpose and Reuse Glass Jars {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas} - bystephanielynn Styling your bathroom with candles and sand can create a relaxing feel Decorating Ideas Home Decor

All I ever wanted for you was the world.  I failed miserably. Im sorry for my failure but I couldnt live like that anymore.  I hope someday you will understand.  I have done my best to shelter you from pain and I apologize for others lack of empathy to your pain. Love deeper then the ocean.

6 Steps to Creating a Silhouette

Funny pictures about Sovereign of the Sun. Oh, and cool pics about Sovereign of the Sun. Also, Sovereign of the Sun photos.

#papercrafting #cards idea: handmade card ... done with die cuts only ... sun peeking out behind clouds ... raining gold hued hearts

'Sending You Sunshine' handmade card from Caggy's Creations: Less is More Week 107 - Up in the Air . all die cuts . sun peeking out from clouds raining little golden hearts arranged in ombree pattern . luv it!

Guest room bay window Window Treatments For Bow And Curved Win Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - page 4

3 Creative Storage Solutions for the Family Room

Built-in benches and window seats with hidden storage are fantastic options to consider when space planning your family/living room.- love the living room window seats