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Reminders application by Dmitry Kurash

Another reminder application, but with a slightly new approach to generating a reminder.

Minimal Application by Anne Thai What caught my eye was the soft gradient navigation background.

Minimal Application

MINIMAL is my ideal concept shop on mobile, only focusing on clothes and photographies mood. This is a simple and intuitive e-commerce experience.

pixel real

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Dribbble - Claim and Invite Page by Ramil Derogongun

Claim and Invite Page

Dribbbleboard - a more convenient way of browsing at Dribbble

My app design workflow

My app design workflow

Mobile Payment Android Version by Ghani Pradita

Mobile Payment Android Version

35 Fresh App Concepts Inspired by Material Design - Freebie Supply

Grid - Product Quick View (Concept Project) by Vivek Ravin #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots

Grid - Product Quick View (Concept Project)

Grid - Product Quick View (Concept Project) by Vivek Ravin - Dribbble